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About RTF

Here you can see how rhizomes of RTF form new plants

What is RTF?
Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF™) is a new type of tall fescue, which produces rhizomes. A rhizome is an underground stem that tills through the soil to spread the plant underground and form new growth. RTF behaves like a bluegrass but will survive the transition zone climate as well as other turf type tall fescues. RTF is a unique type of tall fescue with the variety LABARINTH being the first variety ever of this type of tall fescue.

What makes RTF unique?
Unlike other Tall Fescues, RTF has the ability to repair itself. Traditional tall fescue grasses will clump together, not filling in the bare spots and producing an uneven lawn. With bare spots, weeds are more apt to take over the lawn.

What makes RTF unique is its ability to fill in these open areas with rhizomes. Young plants first build the root and shoot system to sustain life; then concentrate on a bare area of lawn with rhizomes, knitting the lawn together.

RTF’s rapid germination ensures quick establishment of your new lawn. While overseeding an existing lawn, the quick germination allows RTF to compete successfully with the old turf, eliminating the clumps and bare spots forever.

See RTF at work